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There are so many people looking for REAL leadership, leaders that don’t just talk a good game but play a great game, leaders that have values, integrity, purpose, and commitment. In order to learn these values we need to give leaders the tools to obtain, sustain, and follow through. The definition of leadership is “the ability to get others to follow.” Today’s leaders are struggling to get people to follow them, especially in high school and middle school. Many of the youth leadership organizations I work with are filled with students have a position of leadership, but most students are not following them. A majority of these leaders have a 3.0 or higher GPA, play one or more sports, are involved in a club or activity on or off the campus, and are rarely, if ever, sent to the dean for suspension or expulsion. These students are great leaders, but it is essential that our student leaders know that they can’t rely on a position of leadership to get their peers to follow them or to truly make a difference. We need to transform these leaders into what I call REAL LEADERS and give them the tools necessary to get their fellow students to follow them and do what’s right.

REAL LEADERS master four areas so that people can follow them: Relationships, Empowerment, Attitude, and Leadership. When it comes to leadership, everything starts with the relationship between the leader and the followers. Empowerment is the key to how people see you and how you see others. If you are not empowered, how can you empower people who should be following you? Everything starts and stops with leadership.

We can give your student leaders the tools to transform their position of leadership and turn it into Real Leadership! Give your students an opportunity to own their position of leadership by hearing a powerful keynote that gives students the tools needed to really make a difference as a leader.


Keith also offers workshops on various topics.