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Empowering High School Students to Become Leaders and Create Positive Change

Our high school programs are designed to empower students to become leaders, build character, and create positive change in their schools and communities. We offer a variety of workshops and assemblies that focus on topics such as leadership development, team building, and anti-bullying. Our programs are interactive and engaging, and we work with students to develop practical skills that they can use both in and out of the classroom.

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High School Experiences That Inspire and Transform

Our experiences for high schools are designed to inspire and transform students by providing practical tools, strategies, and insights that can help them succeed both in and out of the classroom. We offer a range of workshops, assemblies, and coaching sessions that cover topics such as leadership, team building, communication, and goal setting. Our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of each school, and we work closely with administrators, teachers, and students to ensure that our services have a lasting impact.

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Keith has created different programs and speeches that will assist you in your mission to help your students and staff learn and teach in a healthy environment. Each program is designed to fit the needs of a high school student and give teachers the tools to help students thrive in education.

Connection is the key to a healthy school climate. As a nation, we are experiencing more and more bullying and harassment in schools. With technology, bullying has grown to a new level. Students of all walks of life are experiencing isolation. As a result they are turning to negative outlets to help them cope. Some simply give up and turn to suicide. Every program I offer helps teachers engage and connect with students and help students find the real value in their school mates. These programs will help build a healthy school climate and create a culture where everyone helps each other. When this happens teachers can teach and students can learn, and grow.

All Assemblies are customized. Tell Keith about your school, your students, your challenges, your victories, and your vision for the day. Keith will create a message to meet your school’s needs. Some general titles for high schools include: Stepping up the Challenge, The Power of Failure and Win the Day. Some for middle school are: H.E.L.P. Mission, Stand for something and Dreams Over Drugs. All of Keith’s messages will make the audience, laugh, think, reminisce, feel included, give them a broader sense of value for self and others and occasionally cry. Keith’s messages can be geared toward assemblies for:  Red Ribbon Week, Kindness Week, Back to School events, Unity events, Every 15 Minutes events, Post or Pre Testing events, to name a few. Keith also offers parent workshops as well. 

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Purpose: To create a culture of connection, empathy, success for all students, value, inclusiveness, appreciation and respect on your campus.

How: Keith presents an all school assembly to set the tone for the program, train leaders to be small group facilitators, and give students the room to be themselves through communication and activities. 

Who: 150 participants and 50 trained leaders go through the program each day. 

Details: This program starts with Two days (minimum) and goes up to 5 days.

The H.E.L.P Mission is an assembly for schools who are looking to bring understanding to their campus and equip students to help others. H.E.L.P stands for honor, empower, lead and protect.

This assembly encourages students to honor each other as human beings who deserve respect, to empower each other to have confidence in who they are, to lead each other by setting an example of kindness, and to protect those who are mistreated by stepping up and saying something.

Students have the power to diffuse bullying by setting the standard of respect and then acting out that standard everyday. Saying something as simple as, “We don’t do that here,” can make a potential bully open their eyes to how they are treating others. Students have the power to stop this behavior, equip them so they can H.E.L.P.

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Purpose: To welcome the incoming students and match them with upperclassmen, show them the ropes and be mentors as they transition into high school. The four areas of focus for freshman are: Relationships, Empowerment, Attitude and Leadership.

How: Start with a welcoming party for the incoming students with music, fun, a powerful message and an energized well-trained group of upperclassmen to mentor and facilitate the day. Mix in activities that acclimate, bond and excite your incoming students. Tour the school and finish the day with a costume contest. This experience will leave your incoming students excited to return and ready to be a part of the culture that your school offers.

Who: All incoming students who are new to your school, upperclassmen (amount depends on the number of incoming students expected), a group of sophomores who enjoy logistics and organizing supplies and a fantastic couple of adults to lead the way.

Side Note: Following the program many schools take this opportunity to take care of ASB cards, PE clothes, class schedules and other freshman business. The program is two days.

What: Fresh Start is a day all about the freshman. This program is a follow up to TRL. It starts with an all freshman assembly to regroup and focus on what comes next for not just this year but the following three years as well. Following the assembly Keith facilitates an all freshman leadership workshop. This workshop includes freshman in student council, clubs, sports, band, or any other group on campus where they are leading others. Next, Keith facilitates a workshop for freshman who are struggling and are at-risk for behavior or academic reason.

When: Any time after the first few months of school. Many schools host this program after the winter break. It is a great time to bring the freshman back together and reenergize them to finish strong and gear up for their sophomore year.

What: Programs for the seniors on your campus set the tone for the rest of the school. They bring school pride and class bonding to the forefront. They equip your seniors with the skills to be responsible and accountable for their actions as the leaders of the school. They bring closure to the end of their journey through high school and direct them for the next chapter in their lives.

When: Fall is a great time to start the year off with a Senior Sunrise program. This program is the rise or start to the senior year. Gather your seniors on the field at sunrise. This illustrates the beginning of their final year. The program continues with a powerful message and more bonding activities. The program can also be done in the spring when we call it Senior Sunset. Gather your seniors together on the field as the sun sets, illustrating the end of their final year in high school.

Details: The Senior Workshop is also customized and can be from 2 to 4 hours. (The longer version includes a 3 hour training the night before.)

What: This mentoring program is geared toward the young men at your school. This powerful message will give your students the skills to go from being a boy to being a young man.

Who: Up to 150 of your male students and a number of positive male role models from your school and community.

How: This program will include a powerful keynote, a workshop on expectations, and a team-building session on trust.

What: This a program geared towards helping teenage girls through some of life’s difficult challenges as a teenager in high school.

Who: Up to 150 of your female students a number of positive female role models from your school and community.

How: They will hear a keynote, participate in team-building  go through a workshop on leadership, have time for reflection, and come up with practical ways that they can share their experience with other teenage girls on their campus.

If your school is putting on a district, league or school leadership conference Keith can provide everything from the keynote to break out sessions, team building and mixers.

Keith’s keynote addresses can cover any number of topics, including finding value in all people, reaching out to others, creating positive school environments through actives, and leading yourself in a way that others will follow you, to name a few. All conferences and keynotes are customized to meet your goals for the event. 

What: Whether your retreat is for your leadership students, your athletes, your staff or a particular class of students, I can create a customized retreat that will bring your group together like never before I can deliver a message of impact to set the tone, facilitate team-building, teach students how to run a meeting, create a space for them to bond as a group, learn conflict resolution skills, and learn about themselves and how they best can serve the group.

Who: Students, Staff, Athletes, Club or Band Members, Any group of people who are expected to work collaboratively to reach a goal.

Details: Retreats are as short as 4 hours or as long as two days. Everything is customized. Locations vary, supplies vary, leaving the retreat more self and group aware a guarantee.

Keith Hawkins also offers parent or community nights when he is in your area for more than one day. You can expand Keith’s message into the community by inviting your community and parents to take part in an hour long keynote covering communicating with teens and preteens as well the topics covered that day at your school.

This is a great way to get more parent involvement. So many parents have good intentions when it comes to raising their children and although parents do their best, some realize they need more tools to assist them. Some parents have such a tough time raising their teenager they feel like giving up.

Keith’s parenting workshop gives parents simple tools to assist them during this difficult challenge. When parents have real ways to communicate and understand their children they learn to stop majoring in the minors and focus on what really matters.

During this powerful enrichment workshop, Keith focuses on creating real relationships with students and staff. The objective for the day is to find value in people and in your work place. Once value is established, your staff will take more responsibility and accountability for your school.


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