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If you are looking for a speaker who blends humor, truth, meaningful story telling, thought provoking ideas with sincerity and genuine care for the audience, look no further. All of my keynotes are customized for your event and group. Topics that are commonly included are: how to lead yourself and others, finding value in who you lead, bringing your best self to your position, taking advantage of opportunities and making the most of your time. A few general titles for keynotes are: The Power of Action, Give What you Need and Start with R.E.A.L. Relationships. Connection and value are the at the center of every effective leader. How do you tap into them? How do you show up for the occasion? How do you become someone you would want to follow?


Keith Hawkins’ offers leadership workshops for student services, fraternities, sororities and sports teams. The main focus is centered on team building for any size group. 

Retreats for Staff

Keith Hawkins offers a variety of retreats and teambuilding exercises for staff, administration, and students. Keith will customize a retreat for your audience to help you meet your retreat goals.