Who Is Keith Hawkins?

Keith's Journey

Keith Hawkins grew up in a tough part of Los Angeles where he faced tremendous challenges as a youth. With a struggling single parent mom, an abusive step father, a poor education, and a violent environment he was not expected to make it to adulthood. Keith took these challenges of life and turned them into opportunity not to just make it, but to serve people and bring them along with him. 

Keith helps people understand the greatness that is bottled up in them and the opportunities that life has to offer them. Keith attributes his success to leadership and education. Leadership was the launch pad for Keith and through leadership he found his voice. Education taught Keith how to unlearn bad habits that were created through his childhood and learn how to create good habits to take into his adulthood. 

Keith Hawkins is now an international speaker that speaks and conducts programs to over 400,000 students, parents, educators, leaders, and businesses annually. Keith is a keynote speaker, a workshop presenter, a facilitator of activities, and a program director. Keith has co-author of Teen Power and GO MAD (Go out and Make a Difference), he is featured in a national communication book called between One and Many, he spoke at the United Nation Global Summit on the behalf of Americas youth, and he has a B.A. in Communication of Organization and a minor in Psychology. 

Keith gains strength to serve and help people from his faith in God and the support and love from his family. Keith and his wife Lori share a special bond that has allowed Keith to help make a difference in the lives of people. Lori is Keith’s personal agent and the business administrator for Real Inspiration Inc. Keith and Lori have three children and call Northern California their home. What makes Keith so special is his love for his family!

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Love, Peace, Strength, Legacy

Keith Hawkins, an international speaker, has overcome a tough upbringing to become a successful leader and educator. His focus on leadership and education has helped him reach over 400,000 people annually. Keith’s faith in God and his family provide him with strength and support.

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"Empowering individuals, transforming teams, and changing the world." - Keith Hawkins

"Empowering individuals, transforming teams, and changing the world"


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